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    Live your Fantasy…If you dare!

    Welcome to PLAY.

    At PLAY we are proud to set the standard for all high class sensually themed bar & lounges.

    Our staff from top to bottom pay special attention to detail, whether it be our world class DJs that make you sweat on the dance floor, dedicated kitchen staff toying with your taste buds or our gorgeous bartenders who use their wealth of knowledge and charisma to quench your thirst, we make sure you’re having a good time.

    Don’t worry, you won’t feel left out if you bring the richest items out of your closet, we want everyone to dress to impress!

    Velvet rope policy at the door on every night.

    As your night flows on you climb up to the upper floors where this unique adult playground offers a spa, themed play rooms, rooftop terrace with a luxurious Jacuzzi.

    PLAY has already become the hotspot for local celebrities such as Daniela Cardone, Julieta Diaz, Vanesa Carbone, Barbara Franco, Florencia Paolini, Carla Rebecchi, Gisela Berger, Evangelina Correa, Lucha Aymar, Delfina Jerez Bosco, Sabrina Olmedo, Emilia Attias, El Turco Nahim, Emiliano Rella, Jorge Lombi and Alejandro Müller.

    This unique concept was first started in Toronto by actor and entrepreneur Shlomo Benzion. Together with his charming wife Aurora, they revolutionized Canadian liberal lifestylers with their exclusive private “by invitation only” parties. This led them to the inauguration in 2003 of Wicked Club, Toronto’s premiere on-premise hedonistic club.

    Wicked Club was voted by TORONTO LIFE magazine one of the best reasons to love Toronto and has become a destination for tourists as well as Hollywood A-listers, Sports Athletes Celebrities, Top Models and Haute Couture fashion designers.

    In 2007, Shlomo Benzion was featured in the televised series by Zalman King (Nine ½ weeks) “Body Language”.

    With his wife and associate at his side, Shlomo Benzion, son of Argentinean father and Peruvian mother, has decided to replicate the success of the Wicked Club concept here in Buenos Aires under the new name PLAY.

    PLAY is a sensual bar lounge and spa with themed European styled suites, massage tables, private bar, rooftop terrace with Jacuzzi and much much more…

    PLAY is unique, PLAY is exclusive, PLAY is an experience you’ve never indulged in.

    At PLAY, we cater to the sophisticated and the bold.

    Come and Play with us :)

    Nicaragua 4432, Palermo Soho.

    Facebook.com/PlayBaires | Twitter.com/PlayBaires

    Reservations: rsvp@playbuenosaires.com

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